Experience Nuremberg – the app for shopping and more

After a briefing from Erlebnis Nürnberg e.V., the participants on the Nuremberg side put their heads together to come up with concepts for an appealing app for shopping in the city’s centre.

In addition to offerings from local businesses, they were to focus on localisation technologies like awiloc® – an innovation developed by Nuremberg’s own Fraunhofer IIS to facilitate seamless indoor and outdoor navigation based on local wireless networks. On the final day of the App Camp, the five teams presented concepts that included augmented reality, social shopping, geo-caching, and other cutting-edge components. Winning the jury’s favour in the end was Georgi Tanmazov from the Berlin company Incorporate Apps, whose final presentation of an extensive demo app proved to be the difference. “After meeting our requirements in impressive fashion, Mr Tanmazov went above and beyond them by including exciting add-on features like near-field communication,” stated Alexandra Wuschek of Erlebnis Nürnberg e.V. “Citizens of and visitors to Nuremberg can look forward to an intriguing app that not only provides the latest news from members of Erlebnis Nürnberg, but also includes offers and electronic discount cards from businesses in our city’s picturesque centre.”

Meet “Wave” – your own personal Vienna insider

In its challenge, Austria’s capital was looking for app concepts that would make its parks, natural reserves, and other green spaces accessible and barrier-free for every citizen and tourist. Most of the participants in this category boasted a background in open government data. All of the concepts they developed contained routing functions that provide real-time information on Vienna’s public means of transport thanks to open APIs. Patrick Wolowicz ultimately came out on top with his voice-controlled mobile app. “Wave is based on local data and can be used in a variety of ways,” explained Brigitte Lutz, who works in the city’s administration. “We’re very pleased with Mr Wolowicz’s creative approach to the challenge we presented.” By combining satellite information and localisation technologies with the data sources provided by the city, Wave gives both citizens and tourists a pocket-size personality they can treat like their own personal tour guide. The added value it offers includes tips on using environmentally friendly means of transport, barrier freedom, air quality and other ambient factors, and insider information. Wave also supports the addition of further data sources, and Vienna plans to have ticketing functions for its public transportation system integrated during the app’s implementation.

The SeamlessCities project will now present both App Camp winners with EUR 20,000 contracts to realise their app concepts, which will then be implemented later this year.

Winners now selected

Category: Experience Nuremberg - shopping and more!

Georgi Tanmazov

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Patrick Wolowicz



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