The partner cities of the project, Nuremberg (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), are to become SeamlessCities. For your time at the App Camp, you could choose your preferred category from those defined by the two cities. Choosing the category thus also means choosing a city - either Nuremberg or Vienna.

Participants in the App Camp will receive assistance in developing smart-city app concepts - or even a prototype - for their chosen city. Just remember: A broad approach transferable to other European cities could lead to future business opportunities for you.

Representatives of Nuremberg and Vienna will be part of the jury seeking to bring the best concept to their respective cities. For you, this means not only being awarded a EUR 20,000 contract to realise your app, but also getting access to numerous other potential customers and great business development opportunities!


Experience Nuremberg - shopping and more!

Nuremberg wants its future SeamlessCities app to enrich the shopping experience in the city's centre for both citizens and visitors. The focus will be on local offers and localisation technologies. Do you have ideas for an innovative shopping guide?

How could the gift certificate system "Nürnberger Zehner" or retailers' special promotions be integrated? Could Earth observation data create more value? Which categories of shopping would make sense for different user groups (e.g. citizens, tourists, or trade fair visitors)?

The high-precision localization technology awiloc® is already available in Nuremberg. At the App Camp, you will have the chance to test it and learn how it will help guide users on individual shopping tours through Nuremberg - even in selected buildings, directly to the products they want!


A smart, accessible, and green way to experience Vienna!

In introducing the SeamlessCities app, Vienna's goal is to enable its citizens and visitors to experience the city - along with its parks and nature reserves - without worrying about barriers.

By combining public transport, city bikes, and various other transport systems with Earth observation data (from Copernicus), the app is set to make finding your way through Vienna green as possible.

Enrich your app with augmented reality, voice instructions, or semantic search functions. Awiloc® technology will be available in the centre of the city - why not integrate another USP?

Vienna is a pioneer in providing access to open government data. This means you can choose from a wide range of freely available data and information.

What else do you have in mind? Your aim should be to develop a concept that offers great value to users and business opportunities for you!

Winners now selected

Category: Experience Nuremberg - shopping and more!

Georgi Tanmazov

Categoy: A smart, accessible, and green way to experience Vienna!

Patrick Wolowicz



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